Technology // Elevate Sales Excellence Our client swiftly addressed an upskilling sales challenge by crafting targeted modules, streamlining to increase production rate from six months to just four weeks. Author
Professional Services // Stronger Skills through Digital Learning Hub Transformation How we helped a major British retailer transform their digital learning platform to support skills development in over 60,000 employees globally Author
Professional Services // Smarter Sales Teams Partnering with a market leader in US building restoration services to establish a consistent sales process, accelerate sales skills, and drive business growth Author
Technology // Faster Sales Transformation Working with over 1,500 experienced sales hires in a multinational technology corporation to evolve an existing sales onboarding program to correspond with their global sales transformation Author
Professional Services // Move Closer. Build Stronger See how we inspired the Top 100 leaders in a European insurance company through an authentic conference, earning a 94% positive evaluation Author
Real Estate // Optimising Effectiveness in Global Real Estate See how we helped a global real estate team cut the number of days required to provide customer-ready output by more than 95%. Author
Professional Services // Improving Remote Team Performance Discover how producing a 28-page magazine in just eight hours increased collaboration in a team of senior leaders. Author
Engineering // Optimising Effectiveness See how we scoped, designed and built a suite of leadership trainings that resulted in a 900% improvement in book-to-bill revenue. Author

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