Getting On Board Settling into a new job typically brings a nervous tension mixed with raw excitement. How can we help new hires get off on the right foot and make a brilliant first impression whilst also proving our organisation was the right choice? Emily Link shares the tips for a smooth onboarding process. Author
Strength In Numbers Short time frame. Huge population of learners. Multiple locations. Just a few of the challenges faced in boosting the project management expertise for over 600 employees at a multinational aerospace company. Rachel Cise shares the story. Author
Upside Down Empowerment Does a flip of responsibility structure lead to a stronger organisation? Emily Link shares her experience of working with leaders and teams across the globe. Author
Developing Leaders over Sellers Want more sales? Develop better leaders, not better sellers leading sellers. Through hands-on experience and working with some of the best leaders in the world, Cody Rowland tells us why. Author
The Onboarding Essentials Shorter ramp time, faster uptake, slower attrition. That’s all possible by working out— and working on—the essential components for new sellers. Jess Andrews shares a framework for delivering what matters. Author
Hack your goals in 2024 Looking back at 2023, I achieved some of my goals, and didn’t achieve others. But there is one goal that helped me better understand how to be successful with setting goals. Author
Empathy as a Catalyst for Performance “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.” It was the first time I had ever said those words to myself, and it scared me. Author
PlayBook Club // Winning Sales Mindsets // 7th Nov (Virtual) Create consistent performance by discovering mental strategies for success. Author

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