Interactive Workshops Growing Fast In New York Our philosophy is “be adventurous and intriguing”. And all great adventures involve risk, twists and turns. But that’s what makes them worth embarking on. Author
Ambiguity and the Power of the Unknown How can we shake off the fear of the unknown and turn ambiguity into a superpower? Author
Chaos and Order The battle between chaos and order, progression and stabilisation, complexity and simplicity is one that happens every day. In your personal life, work life, community, and society, and has done […] Author
Latency Quite simply, latency is the state of existing but not yet being developed; a concealment of our true potential. Our true potential can be both thrilling and terrifying in equal measure. Author
4 Ways Organisations Will be Working in 2022 When we visualise the workplace of the future, we might think of a collaborative environment where innovative technological changes have caused rapid efficiency gains. Right now, maybe we can’t help […]
My Journey to IW and Where We’re Going from Here It’s only in looking back and reflecting do we see how things seem to fit nicely, even if we didn’t always plan for them to do so. Author
“Start Spreading the News … New York New York!” 2022 is the start of a very exciting adventure with the opening of an IW office in America. Author
5 Top Tips for Managing Stress With nearly half the workforce feeling stressed out, there’s no better time to check in and see how team members are getting on. Read on to hear our 5 top tips for keeping stress levels at bay in the workplace. Author

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