Hack your goals in 2024 Looking back at 2023, I achieved some of my goals, and didn’t achieve others. But there is one goal that helped me better understand how to be successful with setting goals. Author
Empathy as a Catalyst for Performance “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.” It was the first time I had ever said those words to myself, and it scared me. Author
Fuelling Success: Break Free from Burnout, Boost Your Energy // Sparks S1E23 In this episode of Sparks, we unravel the secrets to maintaining consistent energy in work and life. Chris and Jonna are joined by Partnerships Manager, Cassie Chan as they delve into her career experience in global companies such as Deloitte and Google.
Winning Team, Losing Team In a basketball game, it’s easy to determine who the winning team and losing teams are--you just look at the scoreboard. You don’t really need 8,000 crazed students screaming and pointing to know. But as Aggie fans know, it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone who’s winning and who’s losing once in a while.  Author
How to Lead Up No matter what level in an organization you’re at, a critical skill to both your career success and success as a leader is that of “leading up.”  Author
10 unexpected lessons in success learned from the Country Music Hall of Fame Then, a few weeks ago I was in Nashville, Tennessee, to deliver some training and had a free afternoon. I decided to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame because…why not. I was there, I had some free time, and figured I might learn something. And boy did I. Author
Who ya gonna call? (At 3:00 am…) Whether at home or at work, we accomplish more by having a strong support system. This was never more real to me than when I found myself in a CAT scan machine at 3:00 am. The morning I was supposed to kick off a three day training.  Author
Best piece of feedback I’ve ever been given As part of a workshop on how to give feedback, we ask participants to write down on a Post-It note the most meaningful, or most impactful piece of feedback they’ve ever received. Author

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