Chaos and Order

The battle between chaos and order, progression and stabilisation, complexity and simplicity is one that happens every day. In your personal life, work life, community, and society, and has done […]

4 Ways Organisations Will be Working in 2022

When we visualise the workplace of the future, we might think of a collaborative environment where innovative technological changes have caused rapid efficiency gains. Right now, maybe we can’t help […]

Survive or Thrive this Christmas

Survive or thrive? How will you navigate the Festive season?


Finding a purpose, whether stumbling upon it by accident or by good or bad fortune, requires responsibility, ownership and nurturing to bring to fruition.

Holistic Thinking

Considering the holistic nature of the performance we are seeking is vital to our success.

Goals & Growth

When we are able to focus on particular desired outcomes and formulate pragmatic approaches to reach those outcomes, we as humans most often have the ability to achieve great things.

Flexibility, Freedom & Fun

Most importantly, having the belief that we have the necessary skills, knowledge and suitable attitude or mindset to deal with what faces us brings the confidence required to face future challenges, and not see them as threats.

5 Key Questions for L&D in 2021

We’re intrigued to find out how L&D and HR professionals are shaping the L&D landscape of the future. Here are five key questions for the L&D industry.


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