People development
for fast growth teams
and companies.

Convert potential and discover performance with sprint-based learning and development on a simple subscription.

What we do:

Agile approach

TeamBooster utilises short sprints over two–three months to develop your team at lightning speed.

Results-focussed reporting

Decide how success will be measured before the programme to allow results to be tracked and achieved.

Flexible format

Tailor the programme with webinars, coaching or team days and adjust as you go to keep the focus on the most sought-after themes.

Collaborative co-creation

We will work with you to create something outstanding for your team in the spirit of true teamwork.

We can help you:

Accelerate people development
Deploy extremely flexible learning with sprint-by-sprint development.

Create engaging experiences
Build an exhilarating programme on a transparent subscription.

Design outstanding learning
Create a development plan alongside experts with decades of experience developing teams.

Inspire proactive leadership
Empower team members to step up, lead and grow.

Build team cohesion
Launch a team into the highest levels of performance.

Get business results
Convert a team’s potential into highly positive outcomes for the organisation.

Our Expertise

Fast growing organisations from a range of industries choose Interactive Workshops for outstanding learning and people development. Our philosophy is to do interesting work with interesting people. Exceptional design and dynamic delivery make us an ideal partner for creating a people development journey with the required agility and flexibility for fast-growth teams.

How it works

Propelling teams, the agile way


Choose the scale and structure of your TeamBooster using simple, subscription-based pricing. We get to know your organisation by consult stakeholders and identifying objectives.


Collaboratively, we refine options to achieve clarity. Material is expertly crafted and gets client sign off.


Initiate launch. See sprint-by-sprint iterative improvement in people and performance.

What our clients say

Propel your people

Get in touch to start accelerating development in your team or organisation.