Leadership Development

Leadership, Reimagined.

Learn what it takes to lead successfully in connected, fast-changing, flexible, consumer-culture workplaces.

What we do:

Outstanding learning design

A successful journey requires a clear pathway. We have a track record creating effective pathways to enable leadership growth

Thought-provoking live expert sessions

Core leadership topics need quality content. Combine psychology-backed theory with relevant everyday application in a dynamic, energising style.

Intriguing catalytic experiences

Real learning, insights and relationships are built by ‘doing’. We take participants out of the everyday and create experiences that stimulate and surprise.

Coaching hubs

Effective support and challenge accelerates leadership growth. By belonging to a group, leaders build relationships, apply content and drive action.

We can help you:

Create leadership programmes that shift mindsets and achieve real impact

Utilise expert advice on leadership potential and approaches to unlock it

Pinpoint organisational leadership hotspots to focus on areas primed for transformative experiences

Propel leaders into greater confidence and proactivity through expert coaching

Achieve and exceed commercial goals through empowered and effective leadership

Our Expertise

Global organisations from a range of industries choose Interactive Workshops for bespoke leadership development experiences. Our philosophy is to do interesting work with interesting people.  Exceptional design and dynamic delivery make us an ideal partner for creating multi-level leadership programmes that inspire, challenge and excite.

How it works


Research and scope to understand wants and needs.

STEP ONE // Consult Stakeholders

STEP TWO // Conduct Research

STEP THREE // Identify Objectives

STEP FOUR // Begin Ideation


Ideate to create content and marketing that meets and exceeds the brief.

STEP ONE // Refine Options

STEP TWO // Achieve Clarity

STEP THREE // Produce Marketing Collateral

STEP FOUR // Detailed Architecture

STEP FIVE // Get Client Sign-off


Build to produce cutting edge and relevant content.

STEP ONE // Hone Content

STEP TWO // Design Materials & Activities

STEP THREE // Produce Marketing Collateral

STEP FOUR // Get Client Sign-off


Pilot to iterate. Deliver to grow your managers and leaders.

STEP ONE // Initiate Launch

STEP TWO // Conduct Review

Set leaders up for success


Our research shows that there is no leadership success formula. To be effective, leadership programmes must be built around the culturecharacters, and challenges of any organisation.

Attention to detail

Being highly contextual, leadership development requires expert design flair to achieve success at all levels. Effectively accelerating junior leaders can require an entirely different approach to expedite a senior leader’s growth.


Leadership is most effective when tied to organisational outcomes. Without individual stretch goals, we only have half the story. Organisational outcomes combined with personal and measurable targets set leaders up for success.


Gold Award Commercial Leadership Development

“Implementing what I learned during an Interactive Workshops leadership development programme, I grew my team’s commercial revenue from £700k to £900k”

IW workshop participant

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