From Intern to CEO! // Sparks S1E25 In the latest episode of the Interactive Workshops podcast Chris and Jonna are joined by Terri Loska the CEO of Dartmouth Partners. Tune in as we unravel the keys to thriving in the dynamic world of leadership.
From Chief Financial Officer to YouTube Star! #Thogdad // Sparks S1E24 In this episode, Chris and Jonna are joined by Stephen Ogden, better known as Thogdad. Sidekick to his son Theo with over 1.29 million subscribers on their YouTube channel the trio delves into the highlights of Stephens’s career as well as talking all things content creation.
Fuelling Success: Break Free from Burnout, Boost Your Energy // Sparks S1E23 In this episode of Sparks, we unravel the secrets to maintaining consistent energy in work and life. Chris and Jonna are joined by Partnerships Manager, Cassie Chan as they delve into her career experience in global companies such as Deloitte and Google.
Be a Better Leader: The Secret to a Happy Team // Sparks S1E22 Dive into the dynamic world of leadership styles — what makes a leader truly stand out? We're dissecting the essence of teamwork within leadership, exploring the power of collaboration that propels teams to new heights.
No More Boring Meetings! Transform Boring Meetings into Power Sessions // Sparks S1E21 Join us as we uncover the essential good practices that should be a part of every meeting, explore the art of crafting a meeting structure that keeps things on track, and unravel the mysteries of internal versus external meetings.
The Making of Pioneers: Discover AIRBUS’ Visionary Approach // Sparks S1E20 Chris and Jonna are joined in this week’s episode of Sparks by a special guest - Lisa… from Airbus. Tune in to get insight into the launch of Airbus’s global graduate program.
Can You Blend Work and Family? // Sparks S1E19 Is it possible to cultivate a family work culture? Or do work boundaries restrict it? Join to explore the concept of family as a community that supports each other and examine the impact of hybrid working on family life.
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