5 lessons I’ve learned from animation At IW, we’re known for our love of the colour orange. That’s why it may come as a surprise to learn I start my day with a bright green matcha […] Author
IW // Advent Calendar The Gift of Learning is here! Follow along with IW as we release daily snippets of knowledge inspired by our PlayBook series! Author
Life on the Change Curve? After a few months of job searching, I landed my position here at IW. While I was very excited to begin this new chapter of my life, I also found myself feeling all sorts of emotions during this transition. Enter the IW emojis of change. Author
Mental Health in the Workplace We’ve all heard it before…“mental health is just important as physical health”, but why don’t we listen? Sometimes it’s a sense of guilt or feeling ashamed because we think we’ll […] Author
Latency Quite simply, latency is the state of existing but not yet being developed; a concealment of our true potential. Our true potential can be both thrilling and terrifying in equal measure. Author
Month #1: Be Melinda Mae As I was getting ready this morning, I found myself reviewing my day and I realized I wanted to get done more than was realistically possible. Here’s what I learned. Author
Let’s have a stretch It’s somehow December, so it’s time to really stretch out and limber up for the fast-approaching end of 2021. I’m stretching to cope with the extra layers that always come with […] Author
What can we learn from Parkour? How do the lessons from a parkour training session relate to the world of work? Author

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