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The A–Z of Human Performance

How To Choose Greatness In Sport, Work and Life

What’s the secret to achieving high performance in sport, business and life? Dive into this book if you want to:

  • Learn how to maximise human performance in what you do
  • Find ways to push your body and mind to achieve success
  • Discover the power to choose

The A–Z of Human Performance enters the worlds of sport, business and life to inspire greatness from start to finish.

Lockdown Learnings

50 Life Lessons from 50 Leaders in 50 Days of Lockdown

Isolated to their homes in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, 50 leaders came together to share what they’d learnt in lockdown. What emerged was not a collection of leadership tips, but honest and vulnerable life lessons on wellbeing, family life, productivity, resilience, virtual, work relationship and so much more. Lockdown Learnings is a collection of very personal stories from leaders from organisations including Airbus, BBC Studios, JDE Coffee, Samsung, Savills, Schindler and Verizon.

The first and only collection of learnings from business people in lockdown, it’s an ‘unprecedented’ read.

Team By Team

The Only Team Building Book Ever Actually Written By The Team

Learn to create true belonging and get massive results.

Everyone should read this book. Working in teams is part of what it means to work. Team By Team is packed with over 100 brilliant ideas about how to get the most from yourself and the people around you. And it’s the only team building book ever actually written by a team.

The Agile Secret

Lead A Revolution

How is it that certain people are able to drive results yet be responsive to change? Can be firm, yet open? People-people and task people? What’s their secret? It’s simple. They are deploying agile strategies. Agile is the fastest and best way to get stuff done.

10 Insights For Stronger Commercial Capabilities

This booklet shares 10 insights into the process of attracting buy-in to hear “yes” more often. Use it for personal reflection and team discussion to spark conversation, reflect on past experiences, and plan for the future.

Science or Art?

In this discussion guide, each page offers a thought-provoking prompt to guide our conversations and encourage the exploration of different viewpoints. We invite you to actively participate, share your perspectives, and engage in open dialogue as we navigate these intriguing intersections of learning, science and art. 

10 Insights On Agility VS Accountability

The world is a more complex, VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) place than ever. As a strategy, many businesses have embraced agility. Yet, that’s only one of the possible strategies.

How do we know when to adapt to change, and when to dampen it? Can we always embrace change? 

10 Ways The Era Of Flexibility Has Impacted L&D

This booklet serves as a quick reference guide to our Whitepaper assessing the Impact of an Era of Flexibility on the L&D Industry. We outline 10 key impacts, share the key statistics and offer coaching questions for self-reflection or discussion with a peer, colleague or team. 

10 Insights on Brighter L&D Investments

L&D budget holders carry the great responsibility of curating the learning of the organisation. How can we make the most of L&D budgets with innovative approaches for smarter investment?

10 Insights on Collaborative vs Individual learning

In fast-paced workplaces, we’re looking for ever-quicker ways to boost our skills. When should our learning initiatives be a solo journey and when should we grow together?

10 Insights on Microlearning vs Macrolearning

How can we blend the right mix of learning for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations at macro and micro scale?