Upside Down Empowerment Does a flip of responsibility structure lead to a stronger organisation? Emily Link shares her experience of working with leaders and teams across the globe. Author
Developing Leaders over Sellers Want more sales? Develop better leaders, not better sellers leading sellers. Through hands-on experience and working with some of the best leaders in the world, Cody Rowland tells us why. Author
2023: Endings, Gates, Transitions, and Beginnings As we end 2023 and begin 2024, Cody reflects on where IW NY has been and all those who have made the journey possible. Author
Empathy as a Catalyst for Performance “I’m done, I can’t do this anymore.” It was the first time I had ever said those words to myself, and it scared me. Author
How to Lead Up No matter what level in an organization you’re at, a critical skill to both your career success and success as a leader is that of “leading up.”  Author
Best piece of feedback I’ve ever been given As part of a workshop on how to give feedback, we ask participants to write down on a Post-It note the most meaningful, or most impactful piece of feedback they’ve ever received. Author
10 More Lessons in Leadership; This Time Learned from Young Men’s Camp While spending a week in the very muggy woods with 50 very energetic teenage boys, here are 10 more lessons in leadership I learned. Author
10 Lessons in Leadership from an Unexpected Source: Young Women’s Camp This past week I was unexpectedly schooled in leadership. I had the opportunity to join my 15-year-old daughter’s annual Young Women’s camp for a few days. What I expected were your standard summer camp shenanigans. What I saw was a masterclass of leadership in action. Author

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