Interactive Workshops Growing Fast In New York Our philosophy is “be adventurous and intriguing”. And all great adventures involve risk, twists and turns. But that’s what makes them worth embarking on. Author
Mental Health in the Workplace We’ve all heard it before…“mental health is just important as physical health”, but why don’t we listen? Sometimes it’s a sense of guilt or feeling ashamed because we think we’ll […] Author
Are constraints key to a culture of freedom? This isn’t a dig at American culture. I love America. But, a little over a month into my business trip to the States, I can’t help but notice that the land […] Author
Relationships and the Power of Reverse Pandemic Family Work Life Integration Capitalism, and hence business leadership, is an exercise in taking risk and the art of the possible, not risk mitigation. Author
My Journey to IW and Where We’re Going from Here It’s only in looking back and reflecting do we see how things seem to fit nicely, even if we didn’t always plan for them to do so. Author
“Start Spreading the News … New York New York!” 2022 is the start of a very exciting adventure with the opening of an IW office in America. Author
On Developing Leaders There are many mantras leadership gurus offer about developing leaders. Yet in our research, there is no set success formula. Author
Three Leadership Lessons We Can All Learn From Gareth Southgate What can we learn from the leadership principles the England manager has relied on to build this summer's footballing success? Author

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