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L&D Insider Whitepaper is our assessment of the impact that a widespread transition to flexible working has made on the L&D Industry. We call it the era of flexibility.

This report is intended to help L&D professionals understand and react to changing employee trends and needs by providing the latest industry data.


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What’s in the Whitepaper:

The Era of Flexiblity

Headcount Change

Find out how organisational headcounts changed during the era of flexibility.

Impact of Hybrid

Discover how the era of flexibility impacted wellbeing, leadership and commercial strategy.

Key Challenges

Examine how the season of disruption impacted employee engagement challenges, using employee engagement data representing over 1,000,000 employees.

L&D Through Flexibility

L&D Appetite

Understand how the era of flexibility has affected market demand for Learning and Development.

Redesign & Budget Spend

Find out how much of planned L&D was fulfilled in flexibility and how budgets were spent.

Requested Focus Areas

Better cater to employee needs by learning specific focus areas that have been more frequently requested in the era of flexibility.

The Future of L&D and Employee Retention

Talent Acquisition

Discover the areas that proved to be the most challenging and what initiatives organisations have in place to meet demand.


Find out the most common topics included in onboarding programmes and whether this aligns with requested topics from employees.

Employee Drivers

Better understand employees’ expectations of employers and the drivers that keep them positively engaged in an organisation.

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