Virtually outstanding

At Interactive Workshops we believe fundamentally in crafting learning experiences that are engaging, impactful and fun.

What we do:

Outstanding learning design

A successful journey requires a clear pathway. We have a track record creating effective virtual pathways that land the learning.

Extreme flexibility

Every eLearning experience has a different scope and scale. We create virtual learning experiences of any length, for any population size, with any budget.

Agile Development

Design through collaboration. We co-create the learning journey and build the eLearning with client input at every step for continuous improvement throughout development.

Maximum customisation

The look is as important as the content. We work with brand guidelines to create a ‘look and feel’ tailored to the organisation.

We can help you:

  1. Create a truly engaging virtual learning experience that goes beyond the possibilities of classroom learning
  2. Increase productivity with courses that learners can complete when it suits their schedule, from anywhere
  3. Deliver standardised learning provision to any number of people without any travel requirements or material costs
  4. Translate courses to share the eLearning with global audiences
  5. Design, build and export LMS-ready eLearnings using the latest software

Our Expertise

Global organisations from a range of industries choose Interactive Workshops for bespoke virtual learning experiences. But don’t just take our word for it. Experience a digital learning journey by Interactive Workshops to find out more…

How it works


Research and scope to understand wants and needs.

STEP ONE // Consult Stakeholders

STEP TWO // Conduct Research

STEP THREE // Identify Objectives

STEP FOUR // Begin Ideation


Ideate to create content and marketing that meets and exceeds the brief.

STEP ONE // Refine Options

STEP TWO // Achieve Clarity

STEP THREE // Produce Marketing Collateral

STEP FOUR // Detailed Architecture

STEP FIVE // Get Client Sign-off


Build to produce cutting edge and relevant content.

STEP ONE // Hone Content

STEP TWO // Design Materials & Activities

STEP THREE // Produce Marketing Collateral

STEP FOUR // Get Client Sign-off


Pilot to iterate. Deliver to grow your managers and leaders.

STEP ONE // Initiate Launch

STEP TWO // Conduct Review

Why eLearning

Our research shows that designing for digital deployment produces a greater learning experience than attempting to recreate the classroom virtually.

Our go-to place to learn new skills is online. The ease of access to video streaming services and virtual tutorials has shifted the expectations of learners, who now want to learn on demand and at their own pace. eLearnings specifically designed with the remote, virtually-enabled user in mind can meet and surpass this expectation.

Efforts to make the digital learning experience similar to face-to-face is better spent on maximising the benefits of digital delivery. Designing a virtual journey specifically for digital deployment gives learners a level of autonomy, controllability and flexibility that can’t be matched through face-to-face learning.


“Very cool training, I started reading and couldn’t stop!”


“Amazing – I love it! It’s so nice to see how well it lends itself to eLearning and you’ve done a great job with the look and feel”

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