What is AGILE and why do we LOVE it? // Sparks S1E8 If you are looking for a reason to take on a more agile working style or want to learn more about the benefits involved then give this episode a listen.
Flexing to Engage with the Season of Disruption The season of disruption asked all of us to flex in new ways. We were tasked with redesigning Savills' leadership programme for the virtual world, five days before delivery. Author
Developing Leaders for High Performance Often, the definition of performance barely outlives the process of understanding the current situation. Author
10 Tips for 2021 Strategy Days Without team offsites, the last year has been incredibly difficult for teams to get together and strategise. With the blessing/curse of using Zoom/Teams/Hangouts for 2021 strategy days, it’s understandable that […] Author
Increasing Engagement Expert webinar series for all. Concepting. Designing. Delivering. At the start of lockdown many organisations were suddenly forced into remote working and the prospect that all face to face training […] Author
What If The Chaos IS The Development Opportunity? Remember the days. Long, March days. One unit of exercise. One trip to the shops. If a trip to your local Sainsbury’s was the Olympic event that mine was, those […] Author
Harnessing Change To Get Agile At IW we have always held ourselves to the mantra: “Interesting work with interesting people” This has never been more true than in the last year, working with teams in […] Author
Creative Under Pressure "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." Maya Angelou: Author, poet, civil rights activist Author

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