Sales Enablement

Superpower Sales

We have decades’ worth of experience working with global clients to improve the performance of their salespeople.

Sales Enablement aims to upskill sellers and help businesses make more profit

We’ve helped businesses all over the world increase deal size, achieve higher win rates, and land more meetings with potential customers

Sales Onboarding as a subset increases ramp time for new salespeople to get them selling faster

Whether it’s digital content on a specific product launch or a company-wide, in-person leadership bootcamp, our Sales Enablement can be designed to fit your needs and scale requirements.

What is Sales Enablement?

Built bespoke

We design all of our programmes bespoke, so there’s no copy and paste solution. We get to know your salespeople, stakeholders and subject matter experts to design a solution that works for everyone. Our design process ensures we get are fully embedded in each client’s rhythms, style, and language to drive home key messages to salespeople in a way they understand.

Incredibly immersive

Our aim is always to create an experience that salespeople won’t forget. Whether face-to-face or digital, our facilitators and designers build content that pushes salespeople to boost their confidence, practice new skills, and trigger emotional responses to embed learning. We’ve built immersive digital simulations and designed challenging role play scenarios to push even the most seasoned sellers.

Super scalable

Sales moves at a fast pace. New products, new tech, new methodologies. We design our sales enablement content to reach the audience our clients need it to. It could be one team, or thousands of salespeople worldwide. Our increasingly modular approach to sales enablement allows flexibility of deployment by factors such as location or job role, and superior ease of maintenance – so you can keep up to date with changes as they arrive.

Our Expertise

Global organisations from a range of industries choose Interactive Workshops for bespoke sales enablement. Our philosophy is to do interesting work with interesting people.  Exceptional design and dynamic delivery make us an ideal partner for Sales Enablement.


“Would highly recommend IW to anyone that wants to get the best out of their teams.”

Mark Henson
Head of New Business, Active International

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