How do fast growing companies create great culture?The Economist once discussed an organisational culture book written by Ben Horowitz, a leading venture capitalist and modern management expert. “What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create […]Author
FastCulture // Thursday 10th DecemberCreating a highly effective culture in fast growing organisation is a huge challenge. We need to establish culture all while secure funding, building robust systems and fostering innovation. It’s a […]Author
Play Your WayThe desire for easily accessible learning and development has accelerated in 2020. Employees are seeking learning opportunities to develop professionally more than ever. But more specifically, we want to access […]Author
I Want to Have My Cake and Eat ItI want what I want. The way I want it. At a price that works. We all do. Despite the old adage, I want to have my cake and eat […]Author
What really fuels a feedback culture?Organisations tend to be more open to a workshop on feedback culture than putting into practice the learnings about difficult conversations. It’s predictable. The excitement of those first few brave […]Author
Rethinking your structure? Focus on this one principle.During this crazy time of homeworking what it means to be in a team is shifting and evolving. Some of these initially temporary changes might evolve to be a new […]Author
The Secret To Building Culture In Remote TeamsThe culture of an organisation is the company way of life. The formula looks something like: how we do things + what we do + why = why we do […]Author
The Culture Creators | Tuesday 13th & Thursday 15th October 20202020 has brought decades worth of change to the workplace. Even the word ‘workplace’ has fundamentally changed, now often referring to the same place we sleep, eat and play. And […]Author

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