Goal Setting For Low VisibilityI’m having a great week this week. Like many of our team, I really really like having goals. The simpler the better. Lining up targets and knocking them down brings […]Author
Less But MoreThere are certain global firsts that stick in the mind and stay there forever. The Boxing Day Tsunami, Diana’s death (for us oldies), 9/11. They leave this strange feeling that […]Author
Lockdown Learnings Unleashed | 12.06.20The Story So Far 50 leaders came together digitally from their own homes to share their experience of 50 days in lockdown. It was a special experience. But we weren’t […]Author
Flexing to Engage with a New NormalIn an attempt to become more flexible – I’ve been doing yoga every day since lockdown began eight days ago. It’s a routine I’ve been able to stick to thanks […]Author
On Discontinuity and HopeNo notice was given that the world would stop. Nothing prepares you for that day. Amidst a barrage of tips on how to work from home or turn a business virtual, none of us have yet done the deep processing to put the events of Q1 2020 in perspective. That will come later.Author
The IW COVID-19 WFH Diary // Day FiveWhat a week. A working week like one we’ve never seen draws to an end. We feel strange. It’s the weekend – and time to head home – but we’re […]Author
The IW COVID-19 Diary // Day FourRead our previous diary entries here: Day One Day Two Day Three Let’s be honest. The novelty of our new circumstances isn’t lasting. As we brace for a lockdown scenario […]Author
The IW COVID-19 WFH Diary // Day ThreeRead our previous diary entries here: Day One Day Two Another day, another company-wide zoom meeting. To be honest, there’s not much on the agenda. We’re genuinely just enjoying seeing […]Author

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