Contagious Excellence // 21.11.2019Here’s one of the most challenging aspects of managing and leading: Consistently delivering outstanding work. During our adventures with clients of all sizes and sectors we have decoded and deployed […]Author
Why Good Health Is Good BusinessThere’s no doubting that mental health matters. It matters, because the proportion of people with severe symptoms of common mental health disorders is on the rise1. It matters because it […]Author
Sustainable SacrificeThe highlight of my IW journey so far has been designing and facilitating a recent Strategy Team Away Day for a group of 14 Senior Executives of a global engineering […]Author
Team By Team LIVETeam By Team LIVE changed perceptions, stretched comfort zones and uncovered abilities. 15 leaders and entrepreneurs from a diverse range of businesses combined to write a book. Not bad for […]Author
New Ways of WorkingWhen I first started working on this programme at the back end of last year I was pretty excited by the title. I love change and quite frankly talking about […]Author
Nuggets from Nashville – Do we ever LEAP alone?Have you ever wondered what happens when you take 14 high performing leaders from a FTSE 100 Engineering company and ask them to write a book on Leadership in just […]Author
You Don’t Have To Have It All Figured Out to Move OnA trip to IW for 48hrs was a daunting thought when I have recently been through so much. I knew Jonna would make me feel welcome and I would experience […]Author
Bringing Personal Transformation to Interns at GSKPersonal transformation is deeply embedded in every individual’s journey. Those who are successful understand that each challenge in life is an opportunity for growth and transformation. We can aid our […]Author

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