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Lack of basic training and empty sales seats lead to under-performing sales teams.

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The Challenge

Accurately hiring and onboarding a sales person is difficult. Mangers of small sales teams are not experts in hiring so take low risk internal hire options rather than looking externally for the best.

Sporadic hiring leaves new sales people waiting months for proper training. The difficulty of hiring undermines performance management of low performing individuals.

Without consistent regional involvement in recruitment or onboarding, individual branches make sub-optimal choices leading to a debilitating vicious circle.

  • Empty Seats

    Sales teams typically operating with only 75% of seats filled.

  • No On-Time Basic Sales Training

    Sales training not delivered at the point of need. Training too short, and not sufficiently detailed to hire high potential non-industry candidates.

  • Under Supported

    Managers without the coaching skills to develop high potentials into star performers.

How We Helped

Six months research defined the key success criteria for a sales onboarding programme as:

  1. Timely
  2. Intensive
  3. Assessed
  4. Comprehensive
  5. Right candidates

All countries initiated a psychometric based recruitment process to ensure applicants have good people skills.

Aligning several countries recruitment cycle produced a two week intensive initial sales training with 30 participants. The course includes all key elements to do the job: Sales skills, systems and product knowledge, legal and financial know-how.

A new user friendly capability framework was created to ensure improvement feedback was highly targeted at specific areas.

Highly skilled sales trainers provided expert assessment and performance improvement guidance. Sales managers were supported in managing the new team with visits from specialist sales management coaches at their workplace. The project implementation was completed from start to finish in three months.

  • Improving Performance
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Business Growth
  • Leadership Growth
  • Accelerating Development
  • Commercial Innovation
  • Optimising Effectiveness
  • Catalysing Change

The Results

  • 50% increase in sales proposals
  • 45% increase in sales
  • Improved market coverage and increased market share
  • Activity levels of new sales teams members are significantly higher than existing team members generating a higher volume of leads
  • Discounting reduced as a closing strategy
  • New sales team members outperform existing team members within 12 months
  • Improved quality of hiring enabled best sales staff to be promoted to sales manager within 12 months and improved employee engagement
  • Successful pilot results enabled the client to run four further programmes

45% growth in sales over five months.

Bids Submitted

50% increase in sales proposals.

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