Improving Remote Team Performance

Working with a global finance organisation for a team of senior leaders spread globally to make performance gains through increased collaboration and a collective goal.

The Challenge

Effective teamwork is difficult to foster in localised departments let alone the international, multi time zone arenas that are present in many remote teams in professional services.

Without the luxury of water cooler discussions and spontaneous interactions, remote teams often require a far more sophisticated understanding of high performing team work. Competitive markets make teamwork a vital profit enabler.

In an industry which requires high levels of problem solving and innovation collaboration is king. However, remote teams lack the ease and benefit of face-to-face communication.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Poor Team Performance

Remote teams often fail to create the incremental gains seen in other teams. 14 per cent of remote workers admit struggling to stay motivated is their biggest challenge.

Lack of Team Identity

Many teams lack a clear collective goal, method of working and common language.

Low Levels of Genuine Collaboration

More than one in five remote workers state that collaborating/communicating is their biggest struggle with remote work.

  • Improving Performance
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Business Growth
  • Leadership Growth
  • Accelerating Development
  • Commercial Innovation
  • Optimising Effectiveness
  • Catalysing Change

How we helped

Our insistence is that “teamwork becomes easy once you know how difficult it is”. In order to unite a multinational remote based team we created the following structure for a highly interactive team building day.

Provide a clear framework for a high performing team.

Challenge to complete together through interactive games.

Assess the team’s performance on the task against their defined success criteria.

Deliver specific, clear feedback at individual and group level.

13 senior leaders specialising in global risk assessment located throughout the EMEA region set about the task of creating a magazine communicating their proposition to other departments within their organisation.

The Results

Individual Outcomes

“The activity stimulated thought – provoking discussion that generated further debate into the evening.”

“Superb way of exploring challenges and providing the stimulus to solve together.”

“Set the foundations for us to work as a team, now the work really begins.”

Project Outcomes

A conscious decision to commit collectively towards working as a team, rather than being driven by external forces

A decision to identify a clear and measurable goal for the team to achieve before the end of a six month period

A clear and measurable criteria of how they will work as a team, to be reviewed after six months

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