Elevate Sales Excellence

Our client swiftly addressed an upskilling sales challenge by crafting targeted modules, streamlining to increase production rate from six months to just four weeks.

The Challenge

Our client was confronted with a challenge in the swiftly evolving sales landscape, requiring rapid upskilling of their portfolio sellers to embrace a more value-focused mindset, instead of the service-focused sales approach more traditionally used. The urgency centred on orchestrating a quick mindset shift and disseminating crucial information across a wide range of portfolio topics.

Upskilling areas included:

Security Systems
Digital Fire Safety Services
Building Automation

Navigating this challenge meant not just adapting but proactively embracing change. Our client aimed to inject energy, fostering an environment where sellers could swiftly absorb and apply evolving insights without feeling overwhelmed. This challenge wasn’t just about overcoming obstacles; it became a pivotal opportunity for our client to demonstrate agility and responsiveness in navigating the shifting tides of the sales domain.


Limited Seller Time

Training must be concise to accommodate sellers’ tight schedules and maximise efficiency.


Recognising sellers’ mobility, training materials must be easily accessible on phones or tablets.

Engaging Content

To captivate busy sellers, training should incorporate visually appealing and interesting elements for sustained interest.

  • Improving Performance
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Business Growth
  • Leadership Growth
  • Accelerating Development
  • Commercial Innovation
  • Optimising Effectiveness
  • Catalysing Change

How we helped

Collaborating closely with our client, our agency held scoping sessions engaging the Head of Services and portfolio leaders. Extracting valuable insights, we proposed a robust template: five eLearning modules accompanied by a digital sales simulation.

Modules covered diverse areas such as value selling, objection handling, evolving customer needs, and portfolio attributes. This refined blueprint accelerated collaboration with portfolio leads.


eLearning modules


sales simulations


production rate increase through templating


engaged sellers participating in modules

Sellers experienced a transformative impact on their skills, mindset, and overall performance. The tailored modules equipped them with practical insights and strategies to use in the field.

This not only enhanced their proficiency in navigating the complexities of the sales landscape but also instilled a heightened sense of confidence. The fully digitised sales simulation allowed them to apply and practise these newly acquired skills in a simulated environment, fostering a hands-on learning experience and cementing learning.

Overall, the training empowered employees with the agility and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, fostering a positive and capable sales force.

Impressively, the last portfolio seamlessly progressed from scoping to LMS upload within a four-week span, a 500% increase in agile content development and execution efficiency.

Your dedication and readiness to implement changes under pressure […] were truly impressive. It is not common to find an external service provider so flexible and committed.

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