Technology // Elevate Sales Excellence Our client swiftly addressed an upskilling sales challenge by crafting targeted modules, streamlining to increase production rate from six months to just four weeks. Author
MRC Global // Stronger Safety Leaders How we helped a market-leading global distributor establish a culture of proactive safety leadership Author
Major British Retailer // Transform Their Digital Learning Platform & Assets Client // MAJOR BRITISH RETAILER Project // TRANSFORM THEIR DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORM & ASSETS BRIEF // We helped a major British retailer transform their digital learning platform to support skills […] Author
Slack // Launchpad Client // SLACK Project // LAUNCHPAD BRIEF // We worked with Slack to plug into their Sales Enablement team and support the development of learning resources for their Global Sales […] Author
Engineering // Closer, Stronger Leaders Helping senior leaders in a global engineering company to adopt a new mindset and lead with resilience after a sustained period of high pressure. Author
Cisco // Brighter Digital Tools We helped the Global Sales Enablement Team at Cisco launch their new Sales Methodology at their global Sales Conference with bespoke digital tools Author
Leading Through Change
PRATT Institute // PRATT IT: Faster. Brighter. Closer. Stronger. Pratt Institute collaborated with Interactive Workshop over four years to strike a partnership that would transform the learning and development of the IT Division Author

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