The Agile Secret on Amazon Kindle

Jonna Sercombe’s new book, The Agile Secret, is available on Amazon Kindle now.

How is it that certain people are able to drive results yet be responsive to change? Can be firm, yet open? People-people and task people? What’s their secret? It’s simple. They are deploying agile strategies. Agile is the fastest and best way to get stuff done.

Download this eBook if you want to:

  • Improve speed and efficiency to get work done
  • Supercharge the way teams work collaboratively
  • Become a leader that creates dynamic, self-motivated and self-organising teams

Written in just two and a half days over the space of a couple weeks, and designed a week later, The Agile Secret practices what it preaches. Get it done. Learn more about agile methodologies and how they can significantly impact your business, your home and your personal development. Then join the agile revolution.

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The Agile Secret is available for just £2.99. You can find it here.

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