Breadth VS Depth There’s a classic tension in any kind of training— should it stay general, or get deep and specific? Sales is no different. Milly Gladstone shares how understanding the unique nature of the sales role helps us handle the tension. Author
Are you afraid of the dark? By acknowledging our fear and embracing a pinch of self-shame, we unlock a powerful untapped motivator for higher performance. Author
3 ways working with graphic designers changed my thinking I knew working with graphic designers would make my work look better but what I wasn’t expecting is that it would totally change the way I thought! Author
5 Key Questions for L&D in 2021 We’re intrigued to find out how L&D and HR professionals are shaping the L&D landscape of the future. Here are five key questions for the L&D industry. Author
Less But More There are certain global firsts that stick in the mind and stay there forever. The Boxing Day Tsunami, Diana’s death (for us oldies), 9/11. They leave this strange feeling that […] Author
Workforce2035 SpeakEasy Every year we see constant and continuous changes in the business world to keep up with a contemporary society that is also ever-changing. Prada have vowed to stop using fur […] Author
From Prosecco, to Proposal, to Project My year at IW has been full on. Honestly, there is never a dull day in the world of IW. We don’t spend time twiddling our thumbs and watching the […] Author
Radical Time Management – IW Style Just your average Friday Today has seen the inaugural IW Team Learning Day. We have graduated from our routine of monthly ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions to a full blown day […] Author

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