3 ways working with graphic designers changed my thinking

I find the start of projects exciting! The blank page, throwing ideas around!

I also like aesthetically pleasing things! Art, nice clothes, a scandi house!

Despite this, I am very aware I am not a visual thinker, and I don’t speak the “visual language”. At IW we have the “studio” – a team of talented graphic designers with a growth mindset.

I was excited to get help.

I knew working with graphic designers would make my work look better but what I wasn’t expecting is that it would totally change the way I thought!

Here are the 3 ways that working with graphic designers changed how I think:

1. The form inspires the content

Far from dumping my ideas at the door of the studio, the process is truly interconnected. I might bring the germ of an idea to a designer who will then show me a particular animation, a new platform, or a specific image they think can bring the idea to life. Seeing these platforms in action then inspires my thinking. A new door of creativity has been opened and the ideas can come through.

2. Collaboration sharpens ideas.

When working with the studio you don’t present the finished article. You present the core idea and ask it to be translated into the mystical “visual language”.

This process has made me test the central logic of my work far before it reaches the client. It makes me challenge and articulate my assumptions and ensure my ideas are compelling and that it doesn’t just make sense to me.

3. It creates freedom

Graphic design requires effort, skill and knowledge. The evidence of this effort is clear on the page and thus is obvious to customers. The credibility this creates allows me to try bolder things as a facilitator. The clarity good design work gives you also reduces the need to spend quite so much time explaining things verbally.

In summary if you want to deliver meaningful learning, don’t try and do it without amazing graphic designers to collaborate with. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m never looking back!