The Hunt for the Golden Yule // Episode 4

So, four weeks in it’s clear we are having a ball munching away on yule logs, goading each other on to down a slice in one. Some of the team even accepted the challenge.

But, behind the silliness there is a link to what Interactive Workshops does everyday. Intrigue for us is finding out about our clients and going beyond what they expect. We are interested in finding the things they haven’t necessarily become aware of yet and providing the insight and excellent solutions that solve core problems. Check out the video for some more on the method behind the madness from one of the IW Directors, Simon.

Now, are we going to solve the taste problems that these supermarkets have in the yule log department? No. Clearly not. But, the fact that we started this in the first place with no desire to make it work related is very telling. Telling because what we are doing is stripping away a product to its core components and figuring out why we like or dislike it and how it impacts the product as a whole.

So yes this is silliness and we love it, but as ever, what we do for our clients and what gets us motivated everyday; that intellectual curiosity about everything, has wheedled it’s way into our fun time!

Could this yule beat last week’s much-loved yule from ASDA? Jonna’s eyes are watering…