How do fast growing companies create great culture? The Economist once discussed an organisational culture book written by Ben Horowitz, a leading venture capitalist and modern management expert. “What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create […] Author
Rethinking your structure? Focus on this one principle. During this crazy time of homeworking what it means to be in a team is shifting and evolving. Some of these initially temporary changes might evolve to be a new […] Author
How To Better Understand Your Team In 1992 Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith published a book, ‘The Wisdom of Team’s. The pair, both management consultants, have published extensively on organisational performance and change management. Their book […] Author
Selfishness: The Key to Teamwork Introducing a new 12-part series featuring snippets from our new book, Team by Team. The only team building book ever written by the actual team. You can buy the ebook […] Author
The Hunt for the Golden Yule // Episode 4 So, four weeks in it’s clear we are having a ball munching away on yule logs, goading each other on to down a slice in one. Some of the team […] Author

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