The Font of Knowledge // Why is design important in sales? The world of visual design has so much to teach us about how business and life work. The IW Studio brings this issue’s nugget of wisdom from the creative space. Author
Lessons in B2B Sales Excellence from Mischief Night We got TP’d. As I was attempting to clean it up, I found myself complaining about a few things. Not the fact that I had to clean it up, but rather that it turned out to take more skill than I anticipated. As a learning professional, and a reflector by nature, often does when completing mindless tasks, I reflected on the lessons I was needing to learn in order to get the job done. Author
5 lessons I’ve learned from animation At IW, we’re known for our love of the colour orange. That’s why it may come as a surprise to learn I start my day with a bright green matcha […] Author
Unit 6 // Opening Film
On Discontinuity and Hope No notice was given that the world would stop. Nothing prepares you for that day. Amidst a barrage of tips on how to work from home or turn a business virtual, none of us have yet done the deep processing to put the events of Q1 2020 in perspective. That will come later. Author
Workforce2035: High Performance Worlds This article is the fourth part of this five-part series focussed on Workforce2035. Get Set For Workforce2035 Workforce2035: Be More Human Workforce2035: Innovative Worlds We all know the names of […] Author
What’s in a Job Title? Here come the Producers Over the summer last year we tried to lure into our team a very high flying (i.e tall) Ad Man. After a bunch of great conversations he got a brilliant […] Author
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