Attitude at Altitude To perform well at anything, even under extreme pressure, it’s our attitude that ultimately drives our performance. Author
The A–Z of Human Performance Live Show // Playlist Join our expert, Jonna Sercombe as he unpacks key concepts behind the fundamentals of human performance from A–Z. Author
10 Tips for 2021 Strategy Days Without team offsites, the last year has been incredibly difficult for teams to get together and strategise. With the blessing/curse of using Zoom/Teams/Hangouts for 2021 strategy days, it’s understandable that […] Author
I Want to Have My Cake and Eat It I want what I want. The way I want it. At a price that works. We all do. Despite the old adage, I want to have my cake and eat […] Author
What really fuels a feedback culture? Organisations tend to be more open to a workshop on feedback culture than putting into practice the learnings about difficult conversations. It’s predictable. The excitement of those first few brave […] Author
Rethinking your structure? Focus on this one principle. During this crazy time of homeworking what it means to be in a team is shifting and evolving. Some of these initially temporary changes might evolve to be a new […] Author
The Secret To Building Culture In Remote Teams The culture of an organisation is the company way of life. The formula looks something like: how we do things + what we do + why = why we do […] Author
What If The Chaos IS The Development Opportunity? Remember the days. Long, March days. One unit of exercise. One trip to the shops. If a trip to your local Sainsbury’s was the Olympic event that mine was, those […] Author

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