Get a room!

Team-building days are back

Tomorrow I am going on holiday. Yes, I am going on an actual holiday, on a plane, with a passport, and a suitcase full of sundresses and not a single lateral flow test. Who would have thought just a few years ago that this seemingly very normal act would hold such huge significance? But it’s not just holidays that are back on the agenda. Our workplaces are also slowly returning to normal. Maybe not completely, but people are slowly filtering back to the office, chat is resuming around the coffee machine, lunches are being shared and relationships are being rebuilt. It’s easy to underestimate how valuable these moments with your team are. When do you really pick up on genuine feelings, when do you share jokes and build bonds? When do you learn what’s going on with your team? When do you learn from others? Definitely not via a screen, working from separate kitchen tables in different parts of the country!

We are finally harnessing the power of physical proximity again and it feels great!

Here at Interactive Workshops, when the pandemic hit, we went virtual like many other businesses. We supported our clients through Zoom and Teams and whatever platform worked for them. But recently, we have started getting back in the room. We have started getting THEM back in the room and it has been gold!

When was the last time you had your whole team together under one roof?

Face-to-face team building days are back on the agenda and they are more important than ever. It can be hard to really get your strategy together as a group if half of you aren’t there. All those conversations that just don’t happen. It’s like being stuck next to someone at a dinner party but wanting to hear what everyone else has to say. With our team building days, we bring people together and we provide the space for them to talk, to listen to others, and to formulate plans for the future that excite and inspire them.

What is the value in bringing your team together again?

We hear time and time again that teams are lacking motivation and energy; that they are struggling to find their pre-pandemic spark. Think about sports teams; they practise to develop better skills, to build trust and to be the best performing teams they can be, workforces are just the same. Team building helps build communication, collaboration, camaraderie, and vision. If your job is a big match, then team building activities are your practice sessions. Most people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to do work that benefits a common goal. Team building reminds people that they’re part of a team and re-energises them to do their best so the team can do its best. Being out of the office but with your team allows people to be themselves, to shed the work ‘mask’ and to express their genuine thoughts and ideas.

And, of course, one of the most powerful reasons for team building is to get results. Building skills like communication, problem solving, and planning through activities that are fun will help grow genuine connections and deeper discussions and, ultimately, better performance.

So, what are you waiting for? The team that plays together, stays together. Let us help you re-find your office spark!