Get Set for Workforce2035

We arrive in the second decade of the 21st century amidst an ocean of uncertainty and change. All students of history know the major life forces that shape our world are political, economic, social and technological. Their influences are complex and far reaching, and our challenge remains making sense of it all. Oftentimes we misinterpret, underestimate or simply cannot see these powerful forces at work.

What’s next?

Leaders within organisations constantly scan the world to ask:

  • What’s going to happen next?
  • How can I best prepare?
  • How should I lead?

In the last twenty years the labour market has changed dramatically. The gig economy has transformed millions of corporate citizens into freelancers and contractors. The myth of the autocratic leader that ‘knows best’ has been replaced with grass-roots activism, catalysed by social media. We have seen a change in the aspirations of the workforce which now seeks out autonomy, balance and purpose over bloated salaries and titles. The truth is that much of the workforce has realised that we are more than what we ‘do’.

“The workforce has realised that we are more than what we ‘do’.”

Attraction of Purpose > Force of Necessity

In the new world of work, the “new normal” means providing meaningful jobs in a great environment. We share this environment with authentic, motivated co-workers who are attracted by a purpose, rather than forced by necessity. How this happens depends entirely on the organisation, sector and marketplace. Organisations and leaders will make choices that steer and direct the focus, structure and culture of their people and teams to meet these new requirements.

In the process, they can land in one, or all, of the four following territories;

  • Human,
  • Innovative,
  • High-Performing, or
  • Sustainable

Each providing a different purpose, outlook and drive to work. But what does this all mean…?

Find out in this weekly blog series where we focus on each potential world and its implications on the future workplace.