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Savills are a global professional consulting firm who operate in the buildings industry. Residential, commercial, development, management, investment… the lot!

The Challenge

Having worked closely with the Savills team in the UK designing and delivering a multilayer management and leadership programme. The challenge was set “We want to take this global. We want managers across the Savills business to be equipped in the same way, managing our people consistently well, and speaking the same management language”. So how do you take an established programme with training modules, business simulation modules as well as one-to-one coaching across the globe?

We called it the Savills world tour…

The Solution

The Impact

Six months after the programme, we followed up directly with participants who gave some compelling examples of impact right across the board.

As a direct result of the programme I have created more time for strategic thinking, and value added activities for both the business and clients.


I’m now much better at delegating and calling out ‘good news’ amongst the team, and have empowered the team to have stretch goals and targets.


Productivity in my team has increased as I have ensured they are each working within a structure that suits them.


We chose Interactive Workshops to run our management and leadership programme because of their ability to really get under the skin of our business to understand the culture, the people and the nature of the business itself.

Ruth Barnes
Director of People Development at Savills

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