Savills // Inspiring Future Leaders


“We want more!”

Or at least that’s what the participants said. “Three days of learning felt like a lot. But now we want it to go on longer.” Back to the drawing board. Big vision needed.


Hang on.

Someone asked. Why are we designing this FOR people and not WITH people. Hasty dinner arranged with the group. Brainstorming. Post-it notes. What do you actually want?


Group’s Requirements

Really cool speakers on specific topics. Stimulating venues. Get us out of our comfort zone. And our work clothes. Challenge us experientially.


Let’s get wet!

Module 1: Growth & Goals. Take one Olympic gold medallist. One speaker on life balance. Four white water rafts. One Olympic canoe course. Stimulation for body and mind. We all go outside our comfort zone.



Module 2. Challenge. One former special forces soldier. 4 tarpaulins. We focus ourselves on how we approach challenge and “be the best we can be”. We discuss the cortisol response to work stress, and how we can channel other chemicals like endorphins through the power of our minds.


Whose kids are these?

For Module 3 (Emotional Intelligence) we host 60 school kids and show them what a day at work is like. Most of them are under six. We connect what it takes to inspire children and realise there are lots of similarities in our own teams (and maybe not that many differences!)


What’s your problem?

Problem Solving is next on the agenda. What approaches can we take to reach better solutions? A visiting academic shines a light on how being more open and using techniques like peer review can highlight problems more accurately than typical business tools.


Success? Or Success!

The visit by a brilliant entrepreneur wraps up our year. It turns out you can make a brilliant work life, and have a great home life if you align your culture and values. Did someone say time for a glass of bubbly?






Always open to improvement, we realised we now have a one-year programme, but with limited accountability. We were straight back to the client on that, to further evolve the demand for both growth and business results.