Agile Leadership Development

Driving ownership and individual development in team leaders in a fast growth tech business.

The Challenge

Fast growth teams often struggle with developing leaders to keep pace with the growth of teams and increasing responsibilities. Business needs and services evolving rapidly demands a level of leadership closely embedded in the business, with individuals able to lead confidently while also contributing directly and connecting their teams to the business vision.

Many small organisations have difficulty developing and retaining these individuals. Without a clear picture of career and personal growth pathways, junior leaders can feel overworked, under-informed and stretched out of their comfort zones.


Unclear Progression

High performing individuals need to have a sense that they have momentum behind their own growth.

Leadership Networks

In growing and changing teams, leaders struggle to make time to network and share ideas with their peers.

Technical vs Personal Skills

Tech focussed experts often find themselves running teams, without the skills development leave after the scheme.

  • Improving Performance
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Business Growth
  • Leadership Growth
  • Accelerating Development
  • Commercial Innovation
  • Optimising Effectiveness
  • Catalysing Change

How we helped

Our diagnostic workshops with the target group of leaders revealed a mixture of challenges and frustrations. The executive team wanted to promote ownership and proactive leadership, but their leadership team weren’t clear how to go about this. They weren’t even sure if the board were truly open to it.

Through a collaborative and agile design process, we built a programme around the needs and challenges of the group. Demonstrating the empowerment and investment in the group we supported them in designing their own learning journey.

A mix of group sessions, team activities, project work and one on one support allowed a customised approach to the needs of the individuals in the group while addressing key challenges and skills gaps and coaching the team in leading real business changes.

The Results

“[We’ve seen] steady progress and improvement against our goals.”

“I am where I wanted to be. The course has been useful in providing structure to support me in hitting my aims and goals. It’s offering an alternative view of how to achieve them.”

“[The programme] has done a lot for those on the course, not just professionally but personally. It encourages you to ‘step up’.”

“I think whilst everyone wants to progress or become a leader, the benefit of this course is that it’s helped in planning and executing how you get there.”

Before programme vs After programme:


Improvement to Professional Goal-Setting


Improvement to Team Management


Improvement to Difficult Conversations


Improvement to Embracing Risk


Improvement to Creativity & Innovation


Improvement to Change Management


Improvement to Spreading Your Influence

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