Two Years Difference

I came to Interactive Workshops two years ago to do work experience, and I learnt and grew so much as a person that I wanted to come back this year!

The company has changed hugely since then (mostly in size), but once again I feel like a new person having spent two weeks here. I’ve been stretched and a lot of it has been completely out of my comfort zone, but I’ve learnt how important it is to give everything a go. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try, and it’s only when you step outside of your comfort zone that your comfort zone will expand.

One thing I love about this company is the honesty and integrity.

Jonna and all the other producers at IW are the same people in the office as they are in front of clients. They have empowered me, by giving me tasks that are stretching and challenging, and by believing in me. Very much the same way that they encourage their clients to lead their teams.

When I was told that I should come to their SpeakEasy on my second day, when Jonna put me on the ‘facilitating team’ at their Strategy days, and when they asked me to write an article for the newsletter, I felt believed in and more confident (if not a little nervous!).

They have created a culture where people thrive, because there are high expectations of everyone. People are encouraged to think creatively and for themselves, and to set their own goals. I’ve found they’ve treated me in the same way. In this environment everyone achieves their very best.

IW has been so fun to work for.

As soon as I arrived two and a half weeks ago I felt the friendly buzz in the office. It’s a place where people genuinely look forward to coming to work. Some of my highlights have been eating many mince pies supplied by Steph at Midmorning Matters, dining in a castle, and being part of the IW team, where everyone is genuinely valued and has something to contribute.

So, my top three things I’ve learned while I’ve been here:

  1. The importance of believing in yourself, and having other people believe in you.
  2. People grow and perform best when the standards are high.
  3. Work should be and can be fun!