Lessons in B2B Sales Excellence from Mischief Night We got TP’d. As I was attempting to clean it up, I found myself complaining about a few things. Not the fact that I had to clean it up, but rather that it turned out to take more skill than I anticipated. As a learning professional, and a reflector by nature, often does when completing mindless tasks, I reflected on the lessons I was needing to learn in order to get the job done. Author
Are you afraid of the dark? By acknowledging our fear and embracing a pinch of self-shame, we unlock a powerful untapped motivator for higher performance. Author
IW // Advent Calendar The Gift of Learning is here! Follow along with IW as we release daily snippets of knowledge inspired by our PlayBook series! Author
Find or Build Your Tribe On a run through the English countryside, I had a revelation: I was part of a tribe. Author
Love is Spelled T-I-M-E (and Why that Matters at Work) We now live in a digital world, and we are never going back 100% to the way things used to be. We’re all facing a world of hybrid work. But that doesn’t mean that leaders can’t replicate some of the benefits of being in person. Author
Month #1: Be Melinda Mae As I was getting ready this morning, I found myself reviewing my day and I realized I wanted to get done more than was realistically possible. Here’s what I learned. Author
What If The Chaos IS The Development Opportunity? Remember the days. Long, March days. One unit of exercise. One trip to the shops. If a trip to your local Sainsbury’s was the Olympic event that mine was, those […] Author
The Frustration:Motivation Conversion Using the power of not being done. This article has been on my mind for a while. There’s a nagging thought… ‘I haven’t yet written that post about the frustration […] Author

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