SpeakEasy Workshops

Fuelling outstanding learning

SpeakEasy is an opportunity to meet leaders in the L&D, HR, Talent and People space with plenty of food for thought.

Whether we’re hosting a brunch or facilitating an open workshop, we welcome you to join us and peers to:

Gain valuable insights and perspectives on innovative L&D strategies

We curate engaging discussions that delve into the opinions, ideas and approaches that will propel your people forward.

Expand your network by Connecting with a diverse community of fellow industry professionals

SpeakEasy events are a welcoming space for honest and meaningful interactions, fostering collaborative relationships.

Enhance your people offering with actionable ideas that you can immediately apply in your role

Leave each brunch full of fresh perspectives, ready to implement positive change and drive impactful results within your team or organization.

“It stretched my views, learning from how different organisations and sectors approach things.”

Rachel Myres
HR and Business Manager, Rede Partners

“Really great to network with people within the industry, outside the industry.”

Steph Creaner
Sales Enablement Manager, Salesforce

Looking for our SpeakEasy Brunches?

Join us for an engaging brunch in the city for great foodinteresting people and interactive discussion.