Introducing… PlayBook

So… we’re launching a new proposition. We’ve never approached L&D in this way before, and I’m really excited about it. The idea? Unlimited Live Learning for Everyone.

In my ten years of working in L&D, I’ve always been focussed on the bespoke and face-to-face unique experience over scalable virtual approaches (which for a myriad number of reasons I always saw as ‘surface’ and low impact). However, 2020 and everything that has brought has given me, and us here at IW cause to pause and think. Have I been looking at virtual sessions all wrong? With the world now accustomed (and forced) to live our lives through virtual calls and meetings… might we just be ready to truly have the best of both worlds?

The ‘Live’ Collective

Traditionally I’ve always felt buy-in to virtual learning was low and therefore the impact was minimal. But then, we asked ourselves why do people always throw out exercise bikes they bought from Argos after finally admitting they never use them, while Peloton – the live streaming cardio experience – currently seems to be going from strength to strength? We think that the ‘live’ collective is the difference. And could be the difference in making virtual learning something that people want, consume more of, and maybe, just maybe, actually get impacted by.

So we’ve created PlayBook. Live virtual workshops that we want to throw open to the entire populations of any clients who sign up. Simple plug and play access to sessions that run through the top five scientifically founded ‘plays’ in any given topic area. 40 minutes of expert input, with 15 minutes of Q&A and real-world application.

We’ve selected 30 core topics and we’re going to be running two session every single day of the working week! That means we can introduce different guest topics every month, invite people from our network to present their expertise, and flex to trending topics of the moment. All while ensuring the core topics are never more than four weeks away in rotation.

We’re going to kick it off in September for an initial six months. Did I mention I’m excited?! I can’t wait to get the high frequency buzz of running the sessions and meeting (who knows how many) people from (who knows where) around the world in every workshop.

The graphic below shows how the live learning schedule could look for enrolled organisations. Everyone in the organisation is free to take their pick from 30 core topics and exclusive guest topics. Whenever there’s availability in the diary, there’s a live session to dive into.

Intrigued? Let’s chat!

If you’d like to know a bit more, click this link. Or drop me a line for a chat. Please excuse my over-enthusiasm in advance! Ready to ditch the solo graft of Argos exercise bike style learning? Go live… unlimited… for everyone.