Our immersive virtual studio allows organisations to share an outstanding event experience to a global audience supported by our award-winning team

Take to the stage

Virtual events allow for global reach with access possible from anywhere. This approach has become a valuable way for organisations to reach large teams, cohorts or the whole company. The best virtual events use digital features brilliantly whilst bringing participants into an experience that doesn’t just feel real… but is real.

For over a decade we’ve been running workshops all over the world for the likes of Cisco, Samsung and M&S. We’re Interactive Workshops. We’re a trusted agency for in-person workshops and live virtual workshops, webinars and hubs. Often there’s a choice between the experience of getting people in a room and the ease of getting people on Zoom. Not any more. Immersive live virtual workshops on our VirtualStage allows organisations to reach a global audience, while giving a five-star experience to hundreds of participants.

What is VirtualStage?

Completely customised

We create a fully branded, bespoke virtual conference platform. We stream it through the software the participants are used to, like Teams or Zoom. This delivers a dynamic experience for both guests and speakers. The branding options are endless, with our in-house creative team able to customise colours, spaces, music, backgrounds and more to allow slick company branding or event sponsorship.

Incredibly interactive

VirtualStage can host hundreds of participants and uses multiple feeds to introduce guests, industry expert panels or keynote speakers. Screen sharing makes it simple to share a pre-recorded video or switch to a live demo. Using the features of the hosting platform, participants use the group chat, vote on polls, submit questions for live Q&A, enter breakout rooms, and emoji-react to make the experience highly interactive.

Satisfyingly slick

Our live production team are on hand to ensure every virtual conference goes smoothly. From logistics, to directing, to virtual set design, to filming, to streaming, to hosting, the Interactive Workshops team can handle every aspect of the online event. Our Producers work with event organisers to take care of every detail, with technicians behind the scenes during the event. Our dynamic facilitators can support the delivery or run the whole show.

See how it looks…

Why VirtualStage?

Bespoke, branded virtual stage

Get exactly what you want on stage, exactly where you want it, from branding to backdrops.

3D immersive facilitation

Hosted at our west-London studio to create an immersive ‘in-the-room’ experience.

Scale to a global audience

Run the show effectively from team workshops to large cohorts, to all-company conferences.

Go live via Teams, Zoom or Meet

No set up required on yet another platform. Existing accounts and logins make access easy.

All the support

Collaborate with a team of Producers, technicians and creatives that are a joy to work with.

Top quality, professional equipment

All the best gear for a polished production. No anxiety of a technical issue at every turn.

How does it work?

VirtualStage uses a state-of-the-art west London film studio to allow live facilitation to be accessed virtually. Using greenscreen and plugging into hosting software such as Zoom, Teams or Meet, the facilitators can appear to be… well… anywhere. From a recreation of the company meeting room, to a news studio, to Times Square, to the best-looking conference venue money can buy, one or more backdrops are created completely bespoke to the event.

Ideal for…

Virtual Events

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Webinars

Virtual Presentations

Greenscreen Film Production

Select the right level of support

Full access to our west London studio. Stream with the support of technicians

Award-winning L&D support in the design of the event, conference or workshop

Expert facilitators to run the show to create an unforgettable participant experience

If you’re interested in exploring how we can support you with VirtualStage, please get in touch.