SpeakEasy Happy Hour

Microlearning vs Macrolearning // Wednesday May 8th 2024 // 5–7pm

Join us for an engaging evening in the city featuring interesting people and interactive discussion.

The world of work is moving at an ever-increasing pace. To keep up, learning initiatives have trended away from a one-size-fits-all approach, offering just-in-time snippets for employees. Yet, there is still value in taking a more structured and comprehensive learning approach that goes deeper than surface level and facilitates a thorough understanding. How can we blend the right mix of learning for our employees and teams at a macro and micro scale?

Defining the terms


Microlearning is a type of L&D offering short, focused bursts of content at the point of need, allowing employees to control when and what they learn around their individual schedule.

Learner time invested per asset/experience: Measured in minutes (typically up to 15min)

Eg. Podcast, article, short eLearning, job aid, animation, video.


Macrolearning provides a structured experience for employees that can gradually increase in stretch level to give depth. This learning is typically delivered as part of comprehensive programs or courses.

Learner time invested per asset/experience: Measured in hours or days

Eg. 20min+ eLearning, skills sessions, courses, programs, pathways.

About SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy is an exclusive series of networking events hosted by Interactive Workshops for anyone in the People space, including HR Managers, Heads of L&D, and Talent Leads. Meet peers from the industry and engage in interactive discussions on L&D topics that will fuel your approach.

SpeakEasy is a feast of interactive discussions on key L&D topics, such as Strategy, Culture, Rewards, Retention, and Engagement. Digest new ideas and consume the collective wisdom of industry peers.

Join us to:

Gain valuable insights and perspectives on innovative L&D strategies

We curate engaging discussions that delve into the opinions, ideas and approaches that will propel your people forward.

Expand your network by Connecting with a diverse community of fellow industry professionals

SpeakEasy events are a welcoming space for honest and meaningful interactions, fostering collaborative relationships.

Enhance your people offering with actionable ideas that you can immediately apply in your role

Leave each event full of fresh perspectives, ready to implement positive change and drive impactful results within your team or organization.

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New York

Wednesday May 8th 2024 // 5–7pm

Microlearning vs Macrolearning

Manhattan, NY: Sign up for venue details

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