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The Secret to Impressing An Employer // Sparks S1E18 Curious about acing interview rounds? Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, this episode will help get you into a career mindset.
What is the Secret To Getting Hired? // With special guests from Bloomberg // Sparks S1E17 Unleash your career potential with Chris and Jonna as they dive into the world of early careers and application strategies with our special guests, Michael John (MJ) and Tara Cole from Bloomberg in this two-part series.
Bored at Work? This is the Solution! // Sparks S1E16 Chris and Jonna discuss how to know when to say “yes” to the next adventure as well as sharing stories of their own adventures in work and life.
Be a Better Leader and Presenter – Tell Effective Stories // Sparks S1E15 If storytelling seems intimidating, tune in to find out how you too can become an effective storyteller.
Grow Sustainably! How to Spark Growth at Work and in Life // Sparks S1E14 Tune in as we discuss IW's incredible growth journey and reveal actionable tips for individuals seeking personal growth.
The Secret to More Effective Teams! // Sparks S1E13 Tune in to navigate the intricacies of working with diverse individuals and gain insights into the undeniable commercial benefits of face-to-face interactions, whilst learning how they amplify productivity and innovation.
Is it Ever Okay to Lie at Work? // Sparks S1E12 Should we always be honest at work? Explore the ethical and social dilemmas of workplace honesty.

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