Let Nephila Invest in YOU

An opportunity to invest in your own personal and professional development

During this week there will be interactive learning workshops on three separate topics, as well as the opportunity to book one-to-one coaching sessions.

Topic Area One:

In this workshop you will explore the topic of feedback with your Management colleagues.

Feedback is a skill in both directions. How to effectively give feedback that helps people see what ‘better’ could look like, and what ‘great’ already looks like. Receiving it well, and knowing what to implement on the back of it is just as important. In this practical workshop we will explore all elements of the topic.

This workshop will run twice in the week

First run:

October 3rd
10am–12pm CST

Second run:

October 5th
10am–12pm CST

Topic Area Two:

Most of us know that having goals is important. It helps give purpose and direction. However, not many of us have invested time in looking at how to do this process within work as effectively as possible. This workshop will look directly at how to set these for yourself, and in partnership with your manager to maximise your own clarity, direction, and impact.

Point of Preparation: Bring your own current goals with you to the session!

This workshop will run twice in the week

First run:

October 2nd
10–11:30am CST

Second run:

October 7th
10–11:30am CST

Topic Area Three:

Strategic thinking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. To-do lists are generally easy. However, how can you make sure that your ‘to-do list’ is actually focused towards the big picture? In this workshop we look at how to translate the big picture into what we do every day.

This workshop will run just once in the week

First run:

October 6th
10–11:30am CST


These slots are an opportunity for you to book-in a targeted 30 minute coaching slot. Coaching is a ‘non-directive’ form of support and development, which means it’s all focussed on you… not a time for simple advice or consulting. It’s an opportunity for you to speak to a qualified coach about any goal you are wanting to work towards, or challenge you may be facing.

These sessions could also be used to review objectives and get feedback, practice giving your manager difficult feedback or seek advice on what it means to add value toward the 2024 strategy.

One-to-one 30-minute sessions.

Tuesday 4th October

Wednesday 5th October

Thursday 6th October

Friday 7th October

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