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How we engineered a multi-layered learning experience for Siemens, boosting performance throughout their Sales team

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Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. The company focuses specifically on innovative solutions for electrification, automation and digitalization across a broad range of sectors, including energy, healthcare, software and building.

The Challenge

We were asked to rapidly deploy a pan-European service sales capability growth package to accelerate the capture of more than €100m of opportunity. A consistent sales framework was required. Targeted at a population with a wide range of experience, it was necessary for the programme to cover the fundamentals of an effective sales process whilst keeping proficient salespeople engaged and intellectually stimulated. The goal was to transform both sales philosophy and mindset.

By their nature, Salespeople quickly identify value, and so can typically be very selective about how they spend their time. It was our task to create a programme that genuinely appealed to this audience by providing a highly valuable experience with the practical tools to boost results.

The Concept

Aligning with Siemens existing sales process for Digital Services, our approach was to create a virtual suite of modular resources: Service Supercharge. Covering all stages of the sales process from building rapport and asking key questions to perfecting pitches and closing the sale, we proposed to deliver this series of modules across a three-month process.

To maintain engagement, energy and motivation throughout the programme, we varied remote delivery methods to create a multi-layered learning experience. Alongside core content workshop sessions, the Service Supercharge programme offered hubs, coaching, assessments and additional workshops to provide a deeper dive into the core topics in an engaging format.

We proposed to differentiate the number of contact hours between two different cohorts and measure the impact of each method at the end. Visually engaging internal marketing collateral was produced by the IW Studio for Siemens’ HR team to distribute across Europe. The application process was specifically designed to encourage self-selection, ensuring that the most motivated and committed individuals engaged with the programme.

The programme included:

Core Content Sessions
Performance Hubs
Sales Coaching
Growth and Impact Assessments
Sales Manager Workshops

The Project

Collaborating with the President of Siemens SI RSS to launch the first workshop, we delivered the series of 12 core content workshops weekly over three months. During this period, delegates also attended six fortnightly Performance Hubs, three Sales Coaching sessions, three Growth and Impact Assessments and – if applicable – three Sales Manager Workshops.

For all 40 delegates, the sales activity and capability were tracked by pre- and post-assessments. During the Growth and Impact sessions, a live dashboard was set up in Salesforce to track all of the data which provided clear evidence of progression at the end of the programme. 

Upon completion, the delegates were asked to reflect on their key learnings with many commenting on their change of mindset and strategy in their day-to-day – a key outcome for the programme.

The Impact

Lead to an entire sales population practicing one consistent sales philosophy

Increased sales activity across the European Digital Services team

Increased motivation and capability to sell Digital Services across the sales population

Built strong inter-team relationships through collaboration and interaction

Self-selected application process lead to a high level of accountability towards sales performance

100% of people said yes to: “Would you recommend the Service Supercharge programme to other colleagues?”

By tracking capability growth before, during and after the programme, we found:

Participant capability increased across all 11 competencies

Average capability moved from Intermediate level to Professional level

Interactive Workshops excel in both kinds of expertise: the sales and the workshop delivery. This state of the art, interactive, virtual sales training really helped to create momentum within our business and helped our sales workforce to develop their sales skill. IW came with great content and ideas that really added value and took our feedback in a very agile way to address our (sometimes changing) needs on the go throughout the programme.

Agnieszka Gniewek Stalder
Siemens Project Lead

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