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Red Bull is an iconic global energy drinks brand synonymous with adrenaline and impressive highly visible events. In 2020, 7.9 billion cans of Red Bull were sold worldwide in 171 countries. 12,618 employees generated €6.3 billion in revenue.

The Challenge

To deliver a programme that helps to add structure to what is a highly pressurised project management environment for the Global Culture Marketing Management team.

The Concept

For the Red Bull Culture Marketing team, the right ‘facilitator fit’ is paramount. Following a series of great conversations and a winning audition, Interactive Workshops was asked to review and contribute to the ‘LEAD’ Culture Marketing Manager programme before it was rolled out in Copenhagen.

The first step: GO NATIVE. The team delved into the Red Bull brand mentality through research… … getting up to speed with processes & bespoke content plus scoping sessions with key global team members.

The Project

Following co-design and production the facilitator team flew to Copenhagen to run a hugely enjoyable, thoughtful and energetic three-day workshop.

To ensure that the content of the workshop hit home (and desks), a personalised graphical booklet was sent to each participant as a memento of the course, a few weeks after the workshop. This was met with great feedback from the cohort.

Following the success of the Copenhagen session, Red Bull continued our collaboration to evolve the workshop and an invitation to facilitate the next instalments in Tokyo and Sao Paolo followed. Interactive Workshops is very proud of its collaboration with Red Bull. The culture marketing managers are full of energy and ideas and make every workshop a dynamic joy to co-host. They have also been keen to share stories of their experience and impact the programme has had back at their desks.

The Impact

“The time flew by, the content wasn’t sugar-coated, nor was it too theoretical. The content was practical, and presented in a way that I could apply the moment I returned back to my BU.

“The Red Bull Global Culture Marketing team chose to work with Interactive Workshops following an audition session with two of the directors. We experienced their facilitation and characters in action. Both super relaxed, clear and knowledgeable. Add to this Interactive Workshops’ flexibility to take a brief and not just deliver against it, but bring skills and experience that enhance the outcome made it easy to sign up.”

Tom Sigelski,
International Culture Marketing Manager,
Red Bull

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