The Empowerment Paradox

How constraints are key to releasing people and potential

20th July • 11:30 EST / 16:30 BST •
90-minute free-to-attend session •

Leaders face an impossible dilemma.

On one hand, effective leadership involves setting standards, clarifying boundaries and defining the parameters in which their people and teams should work. On the other hand, the success of the leader is defined by how they decentralize decision-making, remove boundaries, and allow people and teams to self-organize. Do the highest performing leaders offer clear guidance or genuine autonomy? Are they directive or trusting?

Is the leader’s responsibility to set organizational boundaries or remove them?

The answer from organisations the world over is a resounding ‘yes’.

“I value leaders that set clear boundaries and indicate what they want.”

“I value leaders that empower me to make my own decisions.”

In other words, it’s a paradoxical aspect of leadership. Specifically, what we call ‘the empowerment paradox‘.

Sharp leadership skills have always been important for the success of any organization. However, as organizations sustain long-term hybrid or remote ways of working, the leader’s approach to effective empowerment of their people and teams will be even more important. Above all, employees want clearer boundaries and more freedom. How should we approach the paradox to set our teams and organizations up for success?

Join us to:

Better understand the paradoxical challenge leaders face in empowering the team through – not despite – effective constraints

Meet peers in organizations facing similar challenges to share insights on empowerment strategy

Learn approaches to become a more empowering leader without releasing all direction and control

Your hosts

Chris Lissaman

Designer, communicator and marketeer by training, Chris has empowered successful teams through a passion for people growth and a belief that the best way to learn is to do. Working with leaders in multiple continents, he advocates rock-solid partnerships and agile ways to get the work done. Chris is a go-to guy for simple ways to solve big problems.

Cody Rowland

An inspiring and thoughtful leader, Cody has worked with some of the world’s best leaders and biggest organisations for over a decade. With an MBA in Global Management, he specialises in helping leaders deliver results through people. Cody combines expert facilitation and coaching skills with real world, practical experience to help leaders and teams achieve their highest potential.

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