The Culture Creators | Tuesday 13th & Thursday 15th October 2020


2020 has brought decades worth of change to the workplace. Even the word ‘workplace’ has fundamentally changed, now often referring to the same place we sleep, eat and play. And yet, many organisations are now sporadically back to their offices. Flexible working. Hybrid models. Teamworking. (Are we even still in teams?)

We’ve entered a complex world of work that requires careful navigation for leaders and culture shapers. What will be necessary to create effective culture in the remote and hybrid working world? Have the fundamental changes in working practices lead to new drivers for belonging and success?

Join at our next virtual session to:

  • Learn scientifically-backed strategies that work for the remote world of work
  • Redefine your team with operating systems and rituals fit for your new norms
  • Be inspired to shape your post-COVID culture in ways that have only just become possible

Choose from two dates for this session: