How to straddle the contradictory requirements of change leadership

Thursday JULY 27TH 11am EST // 4PM BST

90 minute Live Virtual Workshop

Leading change means grappling with impossible dilemmas.

Consistency or Agility?

Change leaders are asked to be all things to all people whilst also having an authentic, unchanging style.

Speed or Accuracy?

Organizational change must be delivered at rapid pace whilst also being measured, planned and highly relevant.

Control or Empowerment?

Leading change requires total command and authority whilst humbly releasing that power to others.

Short-term or Long-term?

Success is measured by the quick wins and yet ultimately the sustainable maintenance of the change.

We call these contradictions the Change Paradox.

Hosted by the dynamic team at Interactive Workshops, The Change Paradox is a virtual event designed for HR professionals, L&D managers, and Heads of Talent who recognize that effectively leading change requires qualities and behaviors that are contradictory. This highly interactive, live, virtual workshop is focused on straddling these paradoxes effectively.

Join us to:

Better understand the paradoxes of implementing effective change

Learn how to straddle the Change Paradox to establish a more effective approach to leading change

Network with industry leaders and peers, sharing experiences and perspectives on key challenges

Your hosts:

Cody Rowland

Cody brings a dynamic combination of real-world experience coupled with subject matter expertise. A dynamic facilitator, skilled coach, and engaging leader in his own right, Cody helps leaders and teams bring out their best.

Chris Lissaman

Team leader, designer and facilitator, Chris has a way of utilising people and tools to get results, Chris facilitates book writing workshops in London and New York.

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