Dynamic Decision-making & Risk-taking

23rd March 2022 at 4pm BST // 90-minute live virtual workshop

Fast growth means fast change. Fast change requires fast decisions.

The best leaders in fast growth take risks that pay off far more often than they fail. They have an enviable ability to quickly make good decisions. They’re the one who keeps focussed and helps others keep their focus, in the face of change and challenge. These traits are not exclusive to gurus and elite leaders. Decision-making and risk-taking are key skills for all fast growth leaders.

At our next TeamBooster Forum we will discuss the mindset required to that help us grow these skills. What drives consistently effective decision-making? How can we establish and maintain a healthy relationship with risk?

Join the session to:

Share experiences, successes and challenges with leaders in fast growth organisations

Learn key principles for quicker and more effective decision-making

Consider ways to better manage risk and make the best possible decision in any situation

What you will get:

Insight on your own approach to risk and decisions to grow as a leader

A takeaway download of the workshop output via email

Ongoing advice and support from a fast-growth leader’s network

Our Expertise

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