11–15th October 2021

Live virtual workshops on the key skills required to finish 2021 with a bang

Access world-class learning to develop key skills for boosting your productivity and achieving your end-of-year goals

PlayBook is a suite of 30+ industry-leading live virtual workshops with no limits on participation. Short, sharp sessions share the key five ‘plays’ to improve a specific skill such as decision-making, prioritisation or negotiation.

PlayBook Week offers a free-to-attend sample of what PlayBook delivers for our clients, with daily sessions covering five different topics. Dive into the sessions to get set for the rest of 2021 and beyond by getting your goals, optimising your personal productivity or accelerating your sales.

Live sessions at 2pm BST daily*

60-minute virtual workshops with a focus on key skills for a successful end to the year.

*Harnessing Hybrid Working session at 10am BST

Get Your Goals

Monday 11th October

Release your performance potential through effective goal-setting and tracking.

Join the session to:

  • Discover the power of goal-setting approaches
  • Choose the right type of goals to achieve the outcomes you desire
  • Learn strategies to set and achieve your goals

Productivity & Prioritisation

Tuesday 12th October

Discover how to unlock your productivity potential through changing your mindset, habits and prioritisation strategies.

Join the session to:

  • Discover how to get better work done with less stress
  • Learn how to hack your day with clever rituals and routines
  • Pick up tools to focus more effectively

Resilience & Wellbeing

Wednesday 13th October

Learn how to manage personal wellbeing a professional context to offer your best self to your work.

Join the session to:

  1. Discover how to thrive under the everyday pressures of work
  2. Learn ways to take bold action to manage your wellbeing
  3. Develop a more resilient mind and body

Delegate to Deliver

Thursday 14th October

Find an effective approach to let go and gain additional resource to manage workload.

Join the session to:

  • Learn to identify the cause of workflow bottlenecks
  • Adopt a different mindset for the value of your time
  • Discover the true value of delegation as a two-way process that empowers others

Winning Sales Mindsets

Friday 15th October

Create consistent performance by discovering mental strategies for commercial success

Join the session to:

  1. Discover the impact language and framing can have on sales situations
  2. Learn the importance of the ‘why’ in every sales interaction
  3. Understand fundamental attitudes and behaviours that lead to better results

Harnessing Hybrid Working

Friday 15th October (10am BST)

Strategies to enable effective teamwork in the flexible world of work

Join the session to:

  1. Understand the principles for a successful hybrid or flexible model your team or organisation
  2. Discover ways to cultivate culture change that transcends the office walls
  3. Learn to run engaging hybrid meetings without the fatigue

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Your hosts

Andy McConkey

Andy has travelled the world helping people talk to each other, solve problems and work together. Being a good listener, he picks up on what people don’t say, as well as what they do, so he’s a natural when it comes to designing and running workshops.

Jonna Sercombe

As CEO of Interactive Workshops, Jonna leads an award-winning L&D agency with expertise in discovery, design and delivery of L&D projects and programmes including senior leadership development, and high-level executive coaching.

Alex Pestell

From helping design and deliver learning for world leading aeronautical companies to fintech startups to international insurance companies, nothing is too much of a challenge for Alex. His resourcefulness when it comes to seeing a project through successfully constantly come to the fore.

Emily Link

A Master’s in Educational Leadership led Emily into the Learning and Development industry and she hasn’t looked back since. Her high EQ allows her to foster deep and meaningful relationships with everyone she works with.

Jerome McCarthy

Alongside his desire to inspire future leaders and empower rising stars, Jerome has brought a commercial mindset to IW and is committed to ensure companies make strong strategic decisions to enable growth and success.

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