27th February – 3rd March 2023
Weekdays at 2pm GMT | 9am EST

Faster work. Faster teams. Faster results.

Five free-to-attend 60-minute virtual workshops, each with scientifically-backed ways to go faster. Without the burn out.

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We live in a world obsessed with fast returns. Coffee, now. That report, yesterday. Yet despite feeling like we’re at top speed and at risk of burnout, many of us still feel the need to accelerate. How can we get our goals faster? How can we prioritise quicker? How can we get results from the team in less time to delight our customers or clients?

PlayBook is a suite of 30+ industry-leading live virtual workshops with no limits on participation. Short, sharp sessions share the key five ‘plays’ to improve a specific skillset, from personal skills to leadership and management skills to sales skills.

Between 27th February and 3rd March, PlayBook Week brings a daily free-to-attend sample of what PlayBook delivers for our clients. Five live virtual workshops of world-class learning to expedite individuals, teams, leaders, and organisations. Attend one or attend them all.

PlayBook is a suite of 30+ industry-leading live virtual workshops with no limits on participation. Short, sharp sessions share the key five ‘plays’ to improve a specific skillset, from personal skills to leadership and management skills to sales skills.

Live sessions at 2pm GMT daily

60-minute virtual workshops with a focus on key skills for faster individuals, teams, leaders and organisations.

Session Info

Get Your Goals

Monday 27th February

Embrace work and life by building a sustainable balance for both the long and short-term.

Join the session to:

  • The power of effective outcome and process goals and when to use them
  • Diversity vs. homogeneous goals
  • Bulletproof process for creating goals and routes to deliver them

Delegate to Deliver

Tuesday 28th February

Learn how to release capacity for yourself and others, to get through the workload faster while building trust.

Join the session to:

  • Identify what is stopping you from delegating and what is the opportunity cost
  • Categorise your workload to identify what can be delegated
  • Discover how delegation can be a win-win

Productivity & Prioritisation

Wednesday 1st March

Discover how to unlock potential pace through changing your mindset, habits and prioritisation strategies.

Join the session to:

  • Discover how to get better work done with less stress
  • Learn how to hack your day with clever rituals and routines
  • Pick up tools to focus more effectively

Dynamic Decision Making

Thursday 2nd March

Make better decisions faster through understanding good risk and universal biases.

Join the session to:

  • Optimise your decision- making process for faster good decisions
  • Understand how to use scenario planning for decision-making
  • Shift your perception of risk to see opportunities instead

Creating Client Delight

Friday 3rd March

Create long-term profitable relationships by focussing on delivering the small things. Faster.

Join the session to:

  • Master sales etiquette to build relationship faster
  • Exceed client expectations with a few simple steps
  • Succeed by employing a high frequency feedback culture with clients

Your hosts

Leila Pashley

Leila is the definition of a ‘people person’ who thrives on empowering and motivating others. She has previously run her own business in training and facilitation, working with companies such as Dell and Barclays.

Chris Lissaman

Designer, communicator and marketeer by training, Chris Lissaman has led strategic operations for successful teams. Working with leaders in multiple continents, Chris is an advocate of rock-solid partnerships.

Rachel Cise

Rachel is passionate about developing, inspiring and building confidence in others. Rachel is no stranger to complex ideas and analytical thinking; she likes to explore the big questions in life but also has an eye for small details.

Milly Gladstone

With a background in Marketing and PR, Milly has spent a lot of time communicating a lot of different messages to a lot of different audiences. A grammar fanatic too; if you need anyone to proofread anything…

Alex Pestell

Designing and delivering innovative learning for world-leading aeronautical companies, fintech startups and international insurance companies, Alex has no qualms about stamping his mark on the L&D world.

Blair Wagner

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Blair is fascinated with learning about human practices in different social and cultural contexts. Blair’s background has made her passionate about human connection and storytelling.

Liz Garland

With experience working with the BBC, in the West End and touring theatre both nationally and internationally she knows the best way to capture an audience. Liz believes that great communication is key to all we do.

Rachel Volk

Rachel’s passion for education and storytelling led her to pursue journalism and education. Rachel finds her passion in creating materials and loves seeing clients get excited about their development.

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PlayBook Week is a free-to-attend sample of what PlayBook offers our clients: unlimited live learning for everyone. See how our offering of plug-and-play live workshop sessions on 30+ topics can help your people develop key skills.