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PlayBook is a suite of live virtual learning topics that share universal, scientifically backed plays to improve specific skills in the areas of leadership, commercial and personal skills.

In Season 1, the expert team at Interactive Workshops will bring live virtual PlayBook sessions on a range of topics across eight weekly episodes. Join your hosts Chris Lissaman and Tiffany Rowlands and weekly expert guests through a series of conversations about what it takes to spark interesting conversations, great decisions, real wellbeing and more.

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Season One

Influencing & Decision-making

Episode 1: Overcoming Objections

Livestreaming 17th November 2022

In a world of emotional disagreement, how do you get people on side? In sales these disagreements are called ‘objections’. Yet, hurdles and frictions exist in every team, department or industry. Objection handling is a valuable life skill that finds the reason for disagreement and embraces differing opinions to improve relationships and results.

Episode 2: Dynamic Decision Making

Livestreaming 24th November 2022

Decisions pave our way through our working world. Typically this looks like avoiding risks, using our best judgement, and hoping we’re not biased. What if we reimagined the decision-making process? Understanding how to embrace good risk and how to execute effective outcome planning are key to becoming the kind of person known for always making decisions that pay off.

Episode 3: Communicating for Clarity

Livestreaming 1st December 2022

When attention spans are low and information overload is high, how do we get our message across? Counter-intuitively, the biggest leaps in communication skill come from a focus on what is heard, not what’s said. Crystal clear communication involves managing the complex web of other people’s emotions to build narratives that increase engagement, unlock motivation and inspire change.

Episode 4: Creating Client Delight

Livestreaming 8th December 2022

Time to share a few trade secrets. In our work with some of the world’s most famous organisations, one metric carries the most power: delighted clients. How do we create meaningful long-term relationships? Learn how to keep any and all stakeholders happy by anticipating problems before they happen, going above and beyond, and maximising trust.

Episode 5: Resilience and Wellbeing

Livestreaming 15th December 2022

Wellbeing continues to trend in organisations of varying size and speed. Is there anything new to learn about how we care for ourselves in the relentlessness and challenging nature of our working lives? Rather than being about yoga tutorials and breathing techniques, genuine wellbeing starts with our core motivators and re-energisers. If we tap into them, we can lead healthier and more rewarding lives without the stress.

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Streaming in 2023

Episode 6: Get Your Goals

Streaming 5th January 2023

How can we set stretching goals and achieve them?

Episode 7: Group to Great

Streaming 12th January 2023

What does it take to spark a small team into high performance?

Episode 8: Productivity and Prioritisation

Streaming 19th January 2023

With a never ending to-do list, how do we get the right things done first and get an enviable amount done?

Your hosts

Chris Lissaman

Designer, communicator and marketeer by training, Chris Lissaman has led strategic operations for successful teams. Working with leaders in multiple continents, Chris carries a passion for people growth and a belief that the best way to learn is to do. An advocate of rock-solid partnerships and agile ways to get the work done, Chris is a go-to guy for simple ways to solve big problems.

Tiffany Rowlands

Tiff’s background in TV (She was Good Morning Britain’s face of the London Olympics) means she has a natural ability to communicate and engage with an audience. She has a burning desire to help people communicate and to provide them with the confidence and skills to light up a room.

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