Thursday 22nd July at 10.30am

1.5-hour virtual workshop

How do you design a successful leadership development programme?

Our research shows that there is no leadership success formula. To be effective, leadership programmes must be built around the culturecharacters, and challenges of any organisation.

Every organisation can build a leadership programme. But honing a pathway that is highly contextual, genuinely effective and truly inspiring is the real challenge. It requires expert design flair to achieve success at all levels.

What does it take to build a leadership development programme that gets results? How do we align personal targets with organisational outcomes?

Join us to:

Learn how to create an effective leadership pathway that achieves real impact
Pinpoint organisational leadership hotspots to focus on areas primed for transformative experiences
Achieve and exceed commercial goals through empowered and effective leadership

Your host:
Jonna Sercombe

Jonna has been the lead architect for over 100 leadership experiences in a number of FTSE 100 companies all over the world. Founder and CEO of Interactive Workshops, Jonna has a ridiculous design brain and has innovated brilliant ideas to inspire and grow over 10,000 business people.

Learn how to avoid typical L&D pitfalls

Too Academic

It’s right to focus on maximising the learning. Yet, often we see and overemphasis on intellectual stimulus over exhilarating experience.

Not Stretching Enough

Programmes need to please all levels of leadership. However, L&D can end up involving plenty of intellectual stimulation yet can fail to truly challenge.


A brilliant programme needs engaging design and delivery. Despite this, many leadership pathways are created and run by a dominant individual, rather than a dynamic team.

Ineffective focus

L&D teams strive to run something “for the business”. But without sufficiently challenging the organisation’s brief, the programme’s focus can be misaligned.

Ready, Set, Grow.

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