Bold Decision Making for Leaders in Uncertain Times

IW NY Virtual Launch Event

April 7th at 1pm EST at 6pm BST

Navigate risk. Make bold decisions. Seize opportunity.

The challenge of every leader is to anticipate when the risk is worth the reward. Often perceived risk can be a barrier to seizing great opportunities. Bold decision-making can require lifting that barrier, even when we can’t fully predict the outcome. Not every risk should be taken and in uncertain times the difficulty is knowing when a risk will pay off. The good news is that whether we welcome risk is completely within our control.

Will we learn to embrace risk for our competitive advantage?

In this session, we’ll explore the inherent relationship between risk and reward, share frameworks for decision making, and offer accelerated approaches for moving forward confidently even when things are uncertain. As we share the theory, we’ll also share how this looks in reality. As a live case study, we’ll show how Interactive Workshops are embracing risk in our first international expansion – the opening of IW NY.

Join us for one of two free-to-attend 60-minute virtual events to:

Learn how to harness the power of decision making to seize opportunities despite inherent risk

Network with peers who face similar decision-making challenges

Gain insights on the decision-making process behind Interactive Workshops’ New York expansion

Your hosts

Jonna Sercombe

Jonna has been the lead architect for over 100 leadership experiences in a number of FTSE 100 companies all over the world. Founder and CEO of Interactive Workshops, Jonna has a ridiculous design brain and has innovated brilliant ideas to inspire and grow over 10,000 business people.

Cody Rowland

An inspiring and thoughtful leader, Cody has worked with some of the world’s best leaders and biggest organisations for over a decade. With an MBA in Global Management, he specialises in helping leaders deliver results through people. Cody combines expert facilitation and coaching skills with real world, practical experience to help leaders and teams achieve their highest potential.

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