// AI vs HI

Can AI outperform Human Intelligence?

In this immersive workshop, Human Intelligence will go face-to-face with AI to compete in a series of L&D challenges

Wednesday November 1st // 9 am–12 noon

It’s time to put Artificial Intelligence to the ultimate test.

Join us for an interactive workshop like no other, where Artificial Intelligence goes head-to-head with human intelligence in a series of exciting challenges that will put AI up against HI in various L&D, HR and Talent applications.

Interactive Workshops will be facilitating a contest between a team of humans and a team using only AI. By attending this immersive event you will gain first hand knowledge and answer some pressing questions in L&D. Can AI design a great programme? Could AI plan a team offsite better than a team of HR professionals? Could HI be beaten when it comes to planning a tricky conversation? Sign up below to find out with us.

Will you be joining…


Accepting applicants who believe that true creativity is fundamentally human.


Accepting applicants who believe that using the best tools will craft the best work.

Join us to:

Take part in a unique fascinating experiment and learn from the results

Learn writing techniques and/or approaches to get the best out of tools like ChatGPT

Meet peers in the people space and see the Interactive Workshops team in action

Your hosts:

Jonna Sercombe

CEO and Founder of Interactive Workshops, Jonna has spent more than 20 years helping thousands of leaders and hundreds of teams get faster, brighter, closer, and stronger.

Chris Lissaman

Team leader, designer and facilitator, Chris has a way of utilising people and tools to get results, Chris facilitates book writing workshops in London and New York.

Register now to secure your spot at this event. Two free places available per organization. Further places available at $499 / £350 per person.

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